As the successful implementation of business strategies, innovative solutions is critical to an organisation so also is the successful execution of projects for an organisation to thrive in the present competitive environment.  Maqfene Ltd is a Project Management, Property and Software Development organisation with qualified and highly experienced team of Project Managers, Business Analyst, Developers, Testers, Architects, Surveyors, Building engineers to help you analyse, plan and execute complex programmes and port folios within budget and scheduled time frame to achieve expected business benefits, organisations goals and objectives.

Maqfene Ltd can help you identify your business needs, determine the solution and manage the successful delivery of the to-be solution identified and executed as a project.

Since Maqfene Ltd was established, we have been committed to raising the bar for quality control on products as well as mentoring and consulting. Our ultimate goal is to continue building a driven, innovative, and open approach within our team which will deliver products at their fullest potentials and contribute to one of the fastest evolving markets in the property development and information communication technology industries.

Our people, our mission, our values

Our employees encompass a vast wealth of experience and knowledge from all backgrounds, making our workplace a diverse and exciting environment where we draw on the skills and talents of each individual in a collaborative setting. We are able to recognize the strengths within a project and engage problem-solving strategies based on a strong relationship with our clients in a timely and accessible manner, maximizing the effectiveness of the quality control process.

Our experience, knowledge, industry-standard technical training and passion are what make Maqfene Ltd one of the leaders in our field. Our values include:

  • Absolute focus on our clients, guaranteeing completion of projects within timeframe, commitment to quality, and ability to strategize the programming and testing process to achieve maximum result and surpass expectations
  • Incomparable precision with automation, functional testing, performance testing and mobile device testing
  • Dedication to ethical and sustainable business practices as well as an open-minded attitude, commitment to fairness, objectivity and goal-oriented focus in constructive criticism and customer satisfaction
  • Passion for leading by example, healthy growth, and improved relations with the global market as well as clients

Our commitment to you

Our focus is not only testing programming and helping our clients bring it to the level they need and target the appropriate client base, but to cultivate a closer relationship with developers, their customers, and the industry as a whole. At Maqfene Ltd, we believe in a competitive, yet collaborative tech industry where both established corporations and independent developers have a fair chance to compete on the market and reach their customers, whether they are mainstream, niche, or in between. It is through this commitment where companies can truly deliver the best content and continue the intuitive thinking which continues to drive the software industry.

Together, we will change the world with innovation, strength, and progress. Be a part of the future, and get in touch with Maqfene Ltd.