The future of technology is now, and Maqfene Ltd helps organisations identify and incorporate innovative solutions to improve service delivery efficiency. Established in 2014, Maqfene Ltd has delivered important software solutions to clients across the world. Combining state-of-the-art technology with a commitment to striving for innovation and customer satisfaction

We cover everything

Our services incorporate a wide selection of operations which makes us your go-to for a well-rounded, premium quality product. We specialise in:

  • Project Management
  • Architectural design
  • Surveying
  • Project costing
  • Property Development
  • Business Analysis
  • Solution Architect
  • Software Development
  • Software Testing
  • IT support

We are dedicated to maintaining a high level of performance for our clients and the industry as a whole as it continues to develop and branch out into new territory. It is crucial that an organisation’s software infrastructure is not only up to date and secure, but that it is able to produce results which directly guarantee quality, efficiency, and sustainability.

We help to develop and implement software systems through rigorous testing and quality assurance, focusing primarily on key issues and identifying potential conflicts as well as monitoring small details to complete a finely-polished and smoothly operating product. We understand just how much companies rely on an efficient, accessible, and stable product in order to run their business.

Working closely with our valued partners, we deliver high quality development and investment projects in the residential and commercial property sectors across various regions in the UK. This includes both private and public sector customers, which diversifies risk for our investors and stakeholders.

Our values

We delight in helping our customers with honesty, responsibility, thorough, carefulness and tenacity. Most organisation within the private and public sectors prefer to partner with Maqfene Ltd due to our base values. 

Our work

We acquire and invest in an equitable range of low and high bearing investments with a combination of short, medium and long-term maturity. This guarantees the optimum value for our investment programme whilst maintaining a significant balance between risk and return.

Our expertise

Our base leadership team have many years of joint experience in property development and creating successful investment opportunities. Our advisors and delivery team make use of a fresh viewpoint to every client demand or project, applying their knowledge and expertise to achieve the best results.


The mission and values which comprise our ethos include working closely with our clients to effectively collaborate and develop a close relationship, whereby we create a system which directly fulfils the needs of the business, as well as reflect its own values. We believe not only in pushing technology forward to deliver more user-friendly, sustainable and adaptable solutions, but bridging the gap between consumer and provider. Ultimately, to represent what you, the client, believe in – is central to our work and we will do everything possible to fulfil this need.

With our highly-structured methodology and commitment to producing the best products and services, our deliverables are key assets to many companies. We are united in our passion for new technology, new relationships, and a new era of property development and software innovation.

Collaborate with us today to achieve your business needs by maximising the potential of our team in delivering the quality product you need