Project Management

Expert Guidance

We provide global professional project management services to a number of clients. We provide the highest standards of project management using our qualified and experienced project managers to deliver complex projects to budget, time and quality according to the agreed business case.

We aim not just to plan and successfully deliver your solution but to leave you with an ideal methodology specifically suitable for your organisation.

We will apply suitable methods, processes, skills and experience to deliver benefits expected to be derived from your projects.

Whilst still covering the project scope Maqfene will ensure the following when delivering your project;

  • The project will be delivered within the agreed time frame
  • We will not compromise on quality in order to deliver on time
  • The delivery of the project will be within the allocated budget
  • Property development

Ever reliable

We are renowned for our high quality residential, commercial and mixed-use schemes in partnership with private and public sectors. Our clients and customers are confident that our delivery is always on schedule and within budget.

We have a commendable reputation as a unique property development company with schemes across Nigeria. Highlights of the Maqfene Ltd developments portfolio include significant residential projects in the Abuja, Abeokuta and Lagos.

We hold an equable collection of investments in property schemes, primarily to develop further with the option mostly to sell. We offer investors an adaptable product range with diverse maturity options and yields. Our confirmed track record in developing quality products, combined with our attractive rates of return and thorough product selection process makes us an obvious choice for discerning investors.

  • IT Services & Solution development

A Comprehensive Approach

We work in partnership with our client to provide information systems and support services needed to deliver their administrative functions. We enable prompt storage and retrieval of client data with our customized PMS solution and we also help our client manage their IT infrastructures with support services and training.

We deliver your project using an approach that suits your organisation the most with great consideration given to your current organisation practices in order to align the delivery structure, tools and processes with your capabilities and objectives.

Maqfene will help you do the following:

  • Identify the change needed in your business [People, Process, Product & Technology]to maximize value delivered to all stakeholders
  • Define strategy, document requirements for projects.
  • Facilitate the identified [to-be] change and help introduce it to stakeholders.